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This is a collection of materials that we've developed to help teach cued speech and for which people have asked. Unless otherwise noted in the individual documents, all items are copyright 1998-2001 J. Frisbie and J. Krause. You may use them for your own purposes under the following conditions:

  1. All items appear entirely and without modification.
  2. If used as handouts for a Cued Speech class, the class and handouts must be offered free of charge.
  3. If included in a larger work, an information packet or brochure for example, the larger work must be distributed free of charge.
  4. No electronic copies may be published, via the WWW or through an ftp site for example. Instead, link to the online version.

If you would like to obtain other rights (i.e. use these materials in some other fashion), please contact Joe Frisbie, 1122 E Pike St #990, Seattle, WA 98122.

We're trying to distribute files in the Portable Document Format (PDF). You can view and create high quality printouts of these documents by using Adobe's Acrobat reader which can be downloaded for free:

A one page summary of Cued Speech showing placements, handshapes, and terse rules.
Chart.pdf Chart.jpg
Powerpoint slides from our mechanics / common errors presentation at the instructor workshop, Baltimore Oct. 1998.
These are for instructors rather than students.
Errors.ppt Errors (html)
The Guidelines to Cueing Mechanics as it appeared in the Cued Speech Journal, v. 5, 1994.
A one page diagram summarizing the Guidelines to Cueing Mechanics in volume 5 of the Cued Speech Journal, 1994. The -contact versions use contact finger in place of pointer finger. Also from our 1998 mechanics presentation.
Mechanics.pdf Mechanics.jpg Mechanics-contact.pdf Mechanics-contact.jpg
Pronunciation Key
A pronunciation key matching the phonetic transcriptions in our materials that can be included in Microsoft Word documents.
Word Lists
Lists of random words using only handshapes and placements in the order from the Web lessons and also Dr. Cornett's video tape.
Repetitive Stress Information
Two handouts adapted from the MIT medical department describing RSI and stretches that you can perform to reduce your risk.

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